The Wellness Movement

What a great time this is!!! Huge communities of people all over America are making this shift. Perhaps it’s because of the “failing health care system”. It’s this wonderful choice to become accountable for one’s own health. To start thinking in terms of preventative rather than trying to take care of yourself after you fall ill. It’s a tangled web really, when you think about why the health care system is the way it is. It’s quite political and complicated. But I like the result, it means that we have no other choice but to love ourselves more. And take your health out of the hands of HMO’s and PPO’s. Those that are ultimately deciding what will become of you when you are ill, don’t really care about you and will never care and never have cared. And why should they? They’ve taken on a task that is proving to be useless. YOU are the only one that will ever care about you. YOU are the only one who knows what you really need. And unless you don’t care at all, it’s time to start educating yourself about how NOT to get sick! And it’s a lot to know. But weigh your options.

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