About Dr. Charlie

Photo by Spoon Photography

Dr. Charles Martone is a licensed Chiropractor with over 16 years of experience.

By combining a very thorough understanding of body mechanics that Dr. Charlie will explain to you as he works, will include; Full Body Unwinding, specific muscle and fascia release, cranial work, assisted stretching, and reflex point therapy. Dr. Charlie achieves a powerful body exercise with amazing rewards. This unique Chiropractic work targets the complete individual to integrate all systems and synchronize the muscular-skeletal connection which many clients seek him out who are tired of the old quick adjustment routine. Techniques are tailored for each client case and used at the right time, which is extremely important for someone to simply improve and evolve. This allows Dr. Charlie to help the body’s nervous system reach its fullest potential resulting in optimum health.

My mission is to provide effective methods by which the individual can achieve a healthy and vigorous lifestyle. Using a multitude of techniques, I strive to unwind and unravel the entire muscular-skeletal system. My procedures create an improved pathway through the spinal column due to the fact that I am addressing the soft tissue as well as the joints.Dr. Charlie