Catalina Martone is a Diagnostic Nutritionist & Chef.

Working with people who suffer from chronic illness, hormonal & gut imblances. Serving adults, children, infants and the special needs community. Offering full QRA nutritional testing, detox programs and urban retreats for education and application to help you implement good habits!

My method of working is very simple:

A – Activate the healing response= help my client get out of the fight or flight mode that we all spend most of our time in, we cannot heal or function in this mode and we need to do what it takes to get into the rest and digest mode.
B – Build immunity = what are you eating that is not serving you, what can you add or remove from your diet that will help you heal and build your immunity and balance your gut ecology?
C – Clear the body of toxins, detoxify = this happens on many levels and everyone is different.

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