Athlete’s and Bio-Mechanics

True athletes endure a tremendous amount of physical stress and unless that is their sole occupation, then they are dealing with juggling work and personal life in addition to proper rest and nutrition. Most of us fit into this second category where we have our occupations and then we have our physical hobbies that we still train hard in and may even still continue to compete in. There are a lot of demands on us when it comes to performance, training and work which are often chronic repetitive motions that put significant strain on our bodies. This makes us perfect candidates for Chiropractic care.

Doctors of Chiropractic are the only healthcare professionals who specialize in the process of correcting spinal misalignments with adjustments. These adjustments re-energize the nervous system, reduce bio-mechanical stress, and optimize the athlete’s agility without the athlete having to overcome the side effects of drugs or irreversible surgeries.

When injuries occur to the spine or commonly to the shoulders, wrists, knees or neck, the structural balance of the skeletal frame will be altered because the body will have to accommodate this trauma or movement that has occurred. This can impede the nervous system’s ability to process how to act and re-act. Actions that you were able to perform “full on” for 10 solid minutes may exhaust you only up to 6 minutes. Improper structural bio-mechanics will drain your nervous system faster, which is a definite unwanted result for an athlete.

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