Dr. Martone’s gentle, effective treatments are contrary to the “tried and true” hard-core Chiropractics so many are accustomed to. However, for well over a year, I have noticed Charlie’s multi-faceted approach to be fully as beneficial as several other more intrusive methods. I consider myself t a veteran of “old school” and “new-age” ways of health enhancement, and would recommend him to anyone.R. Downey Jr.
“Dr Charles Martone indeed has magic hands and is quite simply the best chiro I have ever met. He resolved a chronic condition I had suffered with for over two years. You can also get nutritional advice, massage and more, in a beautiful, nurturing environment.”Joanna C.
“Dr. Martone is the best chiropractor in all of L.A. He’s not just the cookie-cutter “I learned how to crack backs so I’m a doctor” doctor. He’s the real deal. He utilizes all different types of body work from all over the world, not just the general stuff he learned in school. He’s always learning and growing as a doctor which allows his patients to do the same. Everyone should experience a session with Charlie before they judge chiropractors. He’s the best.”Tico
“I was always sort of afraid of Chiropractors but just recently I hurt myself and “threw my back out” as they say. I couldn’t walk without pain, and my muscles would spasm throughout the night, keeping me from sleeping for days and days and popping ibuprofen every hour. Dr. Charlie is my son-in-law and I trusted in all the wonderful things I had heard. I hopped, (literally hopped) on a plane and set out to sunny California. Well, I expected he would help me but I certainly didn’t expect that in 3 treatments it would be totally gone. Not to mention he worked out a hip issue that I had attributed to ‘getting old’. I can sleep on my side now, which I wasn’t able to do for a while and thought I never would again. From now on, I will continue to fly out from New Mexico to see Dr. Charlie if I need to. I trust him, I think he’s got a very special gift that goes beyond your average care from a physician. If you are reading this, and you are looking for help, look no further, you’ve hit the jackpot! You have found a wonderful pair of magic hands.”Veronica M.
“I have been a client of Dr. Martone’s for the past 7 years and during that time have been treated for a variety of injuries incurred during my 18 years as a Professional Stuntman.

I have been treated in just about every Country in the World by a variety of Physiotherapists, Osteopaths & Chiropractors, as well as a handful of Alternative healing Doctors. Finding someone that can actually make a difference, not just in the short term, has been one of the hardest finds for me.

I met Dr. Martone after three failed attempts to fix my pain and discomfort by other professionals in the Los Angeles area. I had just finished a major car chase in the film, Terminator 3 and had little to no movement in my neck and severe sciatic pain, to the point where I could not even dress myself. I also had a tilted pelvis from an old stunt injury on a previous film, which had been giving me major discomfort and restricted movement. Dr. Martone took a very different approach, which at first, I was a little unsure of, due to my past history with other Doctors. I left the treatment feeling slightly better, but still not sold. The next day I felt almost 100% and immediately booked another appointment.

Since this first meeting, I see Dr. Martone on a weekly basis when I can and he has treated me successfully for everything from bike & car crash injuries (Both at work and not), wire work injuries, fight injuries, fall injuries and a variety of others as well as general maintenance and upkeep.

For me, there are no words to describe how much Dr. Martone has helped me. Being disabled, even for a small amount of time, means I cannot function and thus cannot work. He ensures that my movement is free and that the injuries are being repaired for the long term, not just the short-term fix.

I have recommended Dr. Martone to a variety of film crew as well as various Celebrities and Stuntmen and women. They have all become regulars with him and constantly thank me for the introduction. Yours truly,Wade E.

Almost a year and a half ago, a neurologist told me my brain was going to mush and I’d be disabled soon due to my MS diagnosis. After changing my diet and starting a path of monthly liver cleansing – I just completed my third – I am medication free and I am running and doing personal training. I NEVER thought I’d run again! Thanks to God, my friend Yleana and to Catalina Martone for turning me on to The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush and the Body Ecology diet books. If you are suffering from ill-health or want to prevent it, check these books out. Better yet, go to dedicatedwellness.com and schedule an appointment with Catalina. You won’t be sorry! To your good health,Chong
Have you ever wanted to ask your body directly what is wrong with it? Well I’m here to tell you that Catalina Martone uses a method that does just that. Using kinesiology or muscle testing, Cat can pinpoint with absolute accuracy the parts of you that aren’t working optimally and then find out exactly what is necessary to fix it for good. She doesn’t just put a bandaid on the problem, she finds out what exactly is causing it and then corrects the cause rather than just the symptoms. The great thing about Catalina is that although in that first visit she found enough wrong with me to overwhelm me, she didn’t overwhelm me with requested changes. She understands that most people can’t drop everything and make the lifestyle changes required to heal all the problems she sees. So she looks at priorities. I have been working with Catalina for two months now and at my latest testing session I was pleased to see that most parts of my body were registering as strong and healthy. These supplements, small diet changes and small lifestyle changes were exacting huge change on my body. I could never have done it without Catalina and her knowledge and guidance. Do it, she’ll change your life ..
That was the best chiropractic appointment I’ve had. You’re technique is very different from other chiropractors. It is a blessing to have you around.LL
Thank you for all that you’ve done. If I were to stop seeing you tomorrow, you would be sorely missed. You’ve gone above and beyond what could be expected.WB
I have never had such a good experience, and because of this I was leary to go on a recommendation to see achiro. Usually they do a little massage/manipulation – sometimes with a device even, also use the electronic sticky nodes, lame and impersonal. Dr. Charles was hands on and totally focused on how the muscles and bones work together. Just an educated and compassionate healer – very pleased to have been recommended to him.April
Whatever Dr. Charlie does, well it is body-altering and I see wonderful outcomes afterwards. I always feel fantastic when I leave his office.Camille T.
Dr. Charles G. Martone got rid of my Bells Palsy in one session. He is extremely dedicated in what he does, and still is expanding his knowledge in other areas of healing. I highly recommend this doctor!Suzanne V.
Thank you for such an incredible healing experience during my pregnancy and in the first few weeks of our newborns life. I felt no “high sales” pressure to keep coming back to dr. Martone, only friendly support with respect to my needs. Our child was born at home in perfect health after only about 4 hours of labor. I truly believe that the cranial-sacral adjustments I received were a great combination to this process. In his second week of life, my son and I visited Dr. Martone to receive a cranial-sacral adjustment and he calmly slept through Charlie’s gentle subtle work. His scalp now feels totally smooth where the plates once overlapped and my pelvis and back feel great. Thank you!Crystal D.
My daughter and I have been seeing Dr. Charlie for a couple months and I am so excited about the improvements in both of us. Rachael is 2 1/2 and suffers from infantile spasms Tuberous Sclerosis. Over the summer she suffered from numerous falls and I could tell she was uncomfortable. Immediately after her first adjustment she started moving better and was much happier. Her physical therapists have seen much improvement as well.

I had corrective surgery for scoliosis 15 years ago. With two children, my back is under is under much strain. Massage therapy helps until the next time I have to pick up a child. Since seeing Dr. Charlie, I am much more functional – I can even clean my whole house and still have energy to make dinner and be a good wife and mommy that evening. Thank you for your expect care!Adrienne D.