Dedicated Method

Balance your misalignments, get out of pain, get stronger

Core Benefits

Balance Your Misalignments

The Dedicated Method will introduce to you where your weak areas are that could be supporting your imbalances and then systematically activate them to restore balance.

Get Out of Pain

By restoring balance and stability you can work towards getting out of back and shoulder pain for good and get back to living life again.

Get Stronger

The Dedicated Method will help to correct your posture so that you are better prepared and stronger for what life throw's at you, be it your sport, hobby or home life.

Join the Dedicated Method
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 This 5 week course offers

  • Discovering why you may have back and shoulder pain and introduction into how to move away from it
  • Myofascial routine and mobility drills to target the patterns
  • Activation of core to begin balancing your misalignments
  • Shoulder rehab and posture correction
  • Intermediate core and posture correction
  • Simple new workout for the entire week to practice what you have learned with repetition
  • How to traction the lower back and neck to get out of pain now
  • Elbow pain rehab exercises
  • Core strength test
  • 5 point quick posture check

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